Since 1919 in Christmas. 100 years of experience.

We from WEeihnachtsland are caring about Christmas for many, many years. The roots of your company are in the Nuremberg area, the most famous trading capital always being the heart of Christmas decorations.
History …

Christborn® – Made in Germany

Style combined with skilled workmanship results in ingenuity. Every Christborn® ornament is a product of our commitment to supreme quality, innovation and craftsmanship.

Christborn® – Made in Europe

To enable further growth, the brand Christborn® was extended in 2016 by
„Christborn® – Made in Europe“. This brand is offering successful designs that previously had been produced exclusively in Germany to a wider clientele.

SERENO® – Fine Decorations

Affordable prices, outstanding designs and best quality checked by our production experts, allows us to present you continuously exciting new assortments by SERENO®.

Oberfränkische Glas® –
Made by Enthusiasm

A worldwide unique variety of ornaments was created out of love for beauty.
A palette of 220 brilliant colours leaves nothing to be desired.
24 carat genuine gold painted balls and ornaments for unique moments.


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